Your Guide To Giving Your Closet A Refresh

Written By: Jen Rowe

These days, your closet is likely not seeing the clothing rotation it normally does, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it organized now in preparation for when life returns to normal. Jen Rowe, a mom of two and owner of NEAT Method Toronto, is sharing her tips for how to give your closet a spring refresh.

1. Take everything out.  The only way to truly see everything you have is to take it all out – take clothes down from the hanging rod, and take items out of drawers and off shelves. This is especially helpful if you’re simultaneously trying to pare down your wardrobe, but know paring down isn’t necessarily a must-do for getting organized. 

2. Part with items as you go. If you find an item that’s worn out or that doesn’t interest you anymore, place it in a designated “donate” or “toss” pile as you go so that you don’t have to go through those items again as you start the next step in the process.

3. Gather like items together. When you sort items into categories, you get a better understanding of how much of each category you have. Not only will this help you know if you have too many duplicates, but it will also help you be able to plan where they’ll be stored in your closet based on the space available. If you want, you can also take some time to edit down any categories that you feel you have too much of.

4. Plan out the space. Now that you know how much of each category you have, create zones in the closet for each of those categories to live in. Depending on quantities and available space, you may need to create subcategories (eg. instead of athletic wear, athletic tops, and athletic bottoms could be two different categories) for items to fit best.

5. Reduce visual clutter.

Part of what makes a closet feel disorganized is visual clutter. There are some ways to reduce that, by using neutral coloured organizing products that not only look good but also function well. Some ways to do this are by switching to one colour of the same non-slip style of hanger so everything hangs at the same level and stays in place or using baskets to house items that might topple easily if stacked. 

BONUS tip: Use labels. By labeling where items belong, this will encourage you (or anyone in your family who is helping to put laundry away) to keep the space neat. Labels identify exactly where items should be returned.

When it’s time for us all to go back out into the world, outfit selection shouldn’t be a stressor in your daily routine. In fact, it should be enjoyable. An organized closet will set the tone for your day and may even illuminate some new outfit combinations you hadn’t thought of before. By putting these tips in place, you’ll be able to shop your closet with greater ease.

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