Roast Chicken - A Mom's Best Friend

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Written By: Angelie Sood

These days, I’m always looking for ingredients that can make my daily meal preparation a little easier and faster. Since becoming a mom, I’ll admit I’ve developed a bit of a kitchen crush on Roast Chicken.

Here’s why:

It’s just so easy and it goes a long way.

I like to break down my chicken the day I bring it home from the grocery store to make my prep through the week even simpler. Here’s what I do:

REMOVE the skin (I know some families love this part, but we try to avoid it because the store bought chicken is often basted with lots of butter and salt)

REMOVE and SLICE the breasts. These pieces will be great with veggies and potatoes, with salad, with gravy, mixed into a chicken salad for a sandwich, added to pasta, in a wrap - the possibilities are endless!

REMOVE the leg meat and use this in a soup or curry. The dark meat of the thighs is so flavourful and really stands up with a sauce or in a curried dish.

KEEP all the bones - they make a delicious and healthy broth if you boil them in water with some garlic and onion. I love using my Instantpot for this because it really makes it so quick and easy - in 30 minutes I have a flavourful broth with tons of health benefits

On average, I usually am able to make 3-4 meals using the meat from one chicken. It’s a great way to:

Cut food preparation time (the chicken is already cooked)

Save money (a roast chicken costs about $10-$15)

Get good quality meat (did you know buying a whole chicken means that the entire chicken had to pass a rigorous inspection vs just the leg)

Make some quick and delicious meals the whole family will love

Hope adding a Roast Chicken to your grocery list inspires some quick, easy and creative meals in your kitchen too!

Angelie is a Food and Lifestyle Blogger at @angeliesood

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