Organization Tips For Your Kids Bedrooms

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Written By: Ania Krezalek

If the thought of your child’s room makes you anxious and you find yourself shutting the door often to avoid looking at the chaos in there, then it’s time to organize your kids’ bedroom! With the start of the school it’s a great time to have a fresh start to the ‘new year’ kind of like spring cleaning but in the fall.

The start of any organization project starts off with decluttering. Start off with toys. I know you think they need all of those toys, but do they really? Most likely they grew out of many of those toys or grew bored of certain toys over the summer. Start by pulling out toys that are garbage. This means toys that are visibly broken, have missing pieces. Basically, any that cannot be donated and get rid of them.

TIP: Get in the habit of purchasing toys that do not require lots of assembly or ones that have lots of pieces that don’t stay together. Us, moms of boys, found that a lot of hot wheels track type toys had so many flimsy pieces that would not stay on and later get lost. Tell Family and friends that for Christmas and birthdays no small parted gifts please!

Secondly, create a donation pile. Donate any toys that have served it’s purpose for your childs’ age but are still in good condition to be loved by another child.

TIP: Avoid keeping toys from McDonalds, or carnival type toys. These normally don’t entertain kids for long and usually find themselves laying around the house unused.

Once your left with the toys you’d like to keep you can now organize those. Put things in plastic containers using categories. For example, puzzles, legos, animals, cars, etc. If your child can read then label the containers. You can also use material laundry hampers and baskets for storage. We love getting ours at Homesense.

TIP: Put a few containers of toys away hidden in a closet for some time. Not only are you making more space in the room but also when you notice your little one bored you can surprise them with the toys they have forgotten about.

Keep the decluttering momentum going by moving on to clothing. By now, your child has most likely worn out lots of summer clothing. Same rule applies as with toys; Either throw away or donate. For those summer clothes that will be kept for next year, start putting it in a separate pile to eventually put away for the winter when colder weather starts coming.

TIP: This is a great time to check your clothing inventory to see if they have all the clothes for the start of school or the fall season.

Hang clothing that can be hung. Dress shirts, dresses, jackets, etc. Keeping these clothing articles separate from the folded clothing helps. Speaking of folded clothing, if you haven’t already done so, invest in a dresser that can grow with your child. Pick something in neutral tones and a size used for adults. In these dressers designate each drawer for separate items. First drawer for socks only, second for underwear, third for pants, fourth for t-shirts, etc.

TIP: With dresser drawers being designated for each item putting away laundry can be an easy and fun task for your child to help out with. If your child can read, add removable letter decals and label each drawer.

Get into the habit of putting clothes away right away both dirty and washed. Buy laundry hampers for each child, label them with their name, and teach them how to put their dirty clothes away. Random clothing laying around creates mess. This also helps with making sure socks don’t get lost.

As for clean clothing, although I know as moms we don’t have the time but trying to get the clean clothes folded as soon as they are dry and put back in their original spots right away can be so helpful.

TIP: While putting away the laundry if you notice your drawers getting messy with clothes not being folded take a few mins to re-fold them.

At the end of the day as moms time is never on our side and our kids seem to always create a mess right after we had cleaned but I have learned over time that if you invest a few minutes on the above tasks they will help with the dirty room struggle!

Happy Organizing!

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