My Time Spent In The Fridge...

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

A True Story!

Written By: Jessica Kemp

Mamas, this is not my quarantine story, of how I can’t stop eating out of my fridge (although that might be a good topic to discuss another week). I am talking about the very real time that I gave my mother the scare of her life by locking myself inside our fridge. 

I recently brought up this moment in a conversation with my mom because, I took this true story, twisted it up with some Chronicles of Narnia magic and submitted it to a contest (cross your fingers for me please). So, I figured I would give you guys the real story and because a lot of us are mamas, I will also tell you about my mom’s side of things as well.

I always start this story by saying “I did the funniest thing when I was little”. My mom might start it by saying “when Jessica was little she gave me a heart attack.” I like my beginning better (sorry mom!). When I was about 4 years old, we lived in Montreal. My grandparents were back home where I was born in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. They would often send care packages to us with lots of sweets including extra chocolate around Easter time.  My mom would always cut it up into little pieces and leave it in a bowl inside the fridge. One day she went into the shower and told me to watch tv, I was definitely that kid that could spend hours staring at the tv and as a parent you would have hours to just to whatever you want. I still have this useful skill to this day unfortunately for me my daughter takes after my husband and has more energy than a “tickle me Elmo”.

So, there I was watching TV and my hunger for chocolate took over. I went into the kitchen, opened the fridge sat on the shelf inside and put the bowl on my lap. I didn’t realize that once I moved my feet the door would close. I was in there for pretty much the length of a shower, maybe 10-15 min. I honestly can’t remember, but when my mom came out of the shower she obviously could not find me. In my mom’s words: “I thought maybe someone broke in and kidnapped you, or maybe you fell off the balcony, I had no idea.” My mom always sounds so terrified when she tells this part and I feel so bad because I obviously don’t remember but as a parent now I can imagine what it must have felt like. She told me she had the strongest mother’s intuition to open the fridge and there I was. Sitting there with blue lips, shivering and still holding on to that chocolate for dear life. Even while cold I refused to give up that chocolate.

To my fellow mamas: If it’s too quiet…check the fridge first!

To my mother: It’s funny now right? 

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