Let’s Uncomplicate Valentine’s Day

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Self-Care Tips for those who are married, single and anything in-between

Written By: Jessica Kemp

Every year it seems we are flooded with advertisements for Valentine’s day just like Christmas and the holiday season that surrounds it. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a reason to celebrate; to spend time with family, friends, kids and the hubby too. In fact, I will usually clean out any dollar store or Walmart within radius and cover my house in bright coloured décor. 

Since having our first child back in September, day after day I quickly realized more than ever how important self-care is. I used to preach self-care to everyone I knew, especially when I was single. I would talk about it, make sure my friends and family were doing it but I would never do it myself. I made excuses constantly and would always say “yeah I will, next month when I have more time”. Now 4 months into parenthood with very few days to myself (unless I am in the doctor’s office) and I’m thinking “yes! No more excuses just do it, don’t even think about it, just DO IT”. I am now taking those baby steps to doing the things that I always dreamed of doing.

That being said, this is where Valentine’s Day can play a big role in your self-care. I’m going to share with you my top 3 untraditional Valentines ideas that fit into my life but, you can custom any of these to fit into your life as well. 

#1: Ditch the kids and your partner too!

That’s right, I said it. Who says you need to be with someone at all on Valentine’s day. No one knows you better than yourself and to be honest I have learned that the hardest and longest relationship you will have is the one with yourself. 

#2 Flowers and Chocolates for me? (from me?) Oh, how sweet!

This may sound crazy to some people but, you know what? It shouldn’t. When I first moved to Toronto I did this for myself and even though I am married now I will happily do this for myself any day. I had been wanting to spice up my new, very tiny (seriously, very tiny) apartment and they had this beautiful Valentine’s arrangement. I bought it along with a heart shaped box of chocolates because I cannot say no to chocolate.

#3 Staycation, all I ever wanted…staycation how to (not) get away!

This is a personal favorite for my hubby and I. Wearing our matching Toronto Maple Leaf onesies (yes they are awesome), we order a pizza and watch a movie. Why sit in loud crowded rooms, fight traffic, get pushed around on the subway all for a very expensive meal. It’s 2020 and the internet can do wonderful things; order food that comes to your door, (learn to) cook, spend time with kids, or don’t, stay in separate parts of the house/apartment and do your own individual thing whatever that may be. 

Bottom line is this, mamas (and daddies too): Uncomplicate Valentine’s Day, make a day to look forward to every year, change things up, spice things up, or don’t. Take care of yourself. Your kids will thank you, your partner will thank you and most importantly, YOU will thank yourself!

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