How to do Valentine's Day with a Toddler

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Written By: Melissa Minaudo February 14th – the official day of love! If you’re anything like me, you enjoy any excuse to celebrate a holiday. I know, I know, there shouldn’t be a need for this day to exist and we should celebrate love every day, but you know what? I look forward to these days. They’re a break in between regular scheduled programming; a small burst of excitement amidst the monotonous getting up for work, preparing the same old dinners, cleaning up, and getting some zzz’s for the following day filled with the same old things. I’m a sucker for theme days!

Before I had my son, Valentine’s Day was a lot different! My husband and I took turns each year planning dinner or a fun activity like ice skating. We never did gifts but usually got each other our favourite treats. 

My have times changed in two years… BUT I don’t let it phase me too much! Kids feed off your vibes so I believe if I’m positive, my son will be too (most times). I love seeing the smile and excitement in his face whenever he is introduced to new things and that is what keeps me going. So, here are a few things you can do to make for a super fun Valentine’s Day with your kiddos!

Go out to eat! My husband and I always said we wanted to bring our children out to restaurants no matter how badly they acted out at first. How else will they ever learn?! We brought my son to a diner at 1 week old! Choose a casual family-friendly restaurant and put your child’s order in right away. Order your son or daughter their favourite meal that you know for sure they’ll eat, even if it's not the healthiest choice. Trust me, this will help with enjoying your own meal. Pack a few of their favourite toys to play with while waiting for the food to arrive. Cheers to you not worrying about the dishes or the mess. Don’t forget dessert!

Do a mini photoshoot! I have a huge thing for photos, so I follow a bunch of different photographers on Instagram. Valentine’s mini shoots are becoming such a popular thing! They’re such a great way to document these milestones in your child’s life. Some of my favourite accounts offering sessions are blondecoffeebean and You can also totally take these yourself too. Head to the dollar store, pick up some garland, a few stuffed hearts and create an easy setup in your house. Go on, put some curls in your hair, add some red lipstick and jump in with them!

Throw a kid-friendly Valentine’s Day party! Last year, my friend did this at her home. We were 6 mamas and 6 babies (+/- 1 year old). It was SO FUN. The food was organized potluck-style (baby led weaning in mind!), there were trivia games for the mamas with little prizes to be won, and she even organized a $10 Secret Valentine gift exchange for the littles. 

No matter what you decide to do, enjoy yourself!

Spreading lots of love!

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