Candy Alternatives for Valentine’s Day

Updated: May 5, 2020

Written By: Lisa Evans

Does it feel like you just got over the sugar rush of Christmas and now lining the store aisles are chocolate hearts, pretty red and pink jellies and tons of sugary sweets tempting you and your littles into a chocolate coma? Skipping out on the sugar rush doesn’t mean skipping out on the fun of Valentine’s Day. There are so many candy alternatives that are just as “sweet”. If you want to give your littles’ sweet tooth a break, try some of these Valentine’s candy alternatives instead:


Always a crowd pleaser in any weather, bubbles make a great Valentine’s gift for your kiddos’ classmates. Grab a bunch of pink or red bubbles from your local dollar store and attach a card reading “I am BUBBLE-ING with joy that we are friends” for just that added touch of cute-ness.

Squeeze Pouches

A great idea for your pre-schoolers’ Valentine’s Day gifts. Grab a box of no sugar added apple sauce snack squeeze packs and attach a card “You’re My Main Squeeze” for a perfect healthy alternative to a sugary treat.

Dollar Store Finds

The shelves of the dollar store are filled with easy and cost effective Valentine gifts, from heart shaped maze games to Valentine’s stamps, stickers and easy DIY crafts, you’re sure to find tons of gift ideas that will cost you even less than a bag of candy. Pair a Valentine’s stamp with a mini notebooks for less than .50 per gift.

Be My Valen-Slime

What kid doesn’t enjoy some good ooey-gooey sticky slime? Your little will LOVE making a batch of their own Valentine’s Day slime. Check out this easy peasy slimy recipe. You probably have most of the ingredients at home already:

Mix ½ cup of clear Elmer’s school glue with ¼ cup of water.

Add ½ tsp of baking soda and continue to stir with the glue and water mixture

A few drops of food colouring and some glitter if you’d like your slime to be “shiny”.

2 tbsp of contact lens solution. This is the slime “activator”. Continue stirring then once you find the slime is getting too thick to stir, get your hands in there and mix up your slime.

Gift Cards

Grab a bunch of gift cards from your kiddo’s favourite local ice cream shop or local indoor play place. Most will have gift cards in denominations as low as $5.00. The city often sells packs of swim and skate passes that make for a great active gift, and one that parents are sure to appreciate too.

Shop Local

Around this time of year, local makers are filling up on low-cost gift ideas. Check with your local facebook moms groups to see what your local maker community has whipped up for Valentine’s Day. From bath bombs to heart shaped hair bows to handmade cards and gift sets, your local crafty mamas are sure to be working on some fun ideas. Go check them out and help support your local maker community.

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