Bringing the Outside Fall Harvest Indoors

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Written By: Ania Krezalek

If you are anything like me in about mid-August you start to get excited at the feel of the first summer evening chill because you know that fall is just around the corner. Fall is a time where décor can be rustic, simple and effortless representing the harvest and using nature’s charm to add elegance to the fall decor in your home. I’m sharing with you some of my all-time favourite fall décor tips that are thrifty and inexpensive but more so involve little effort and most items can be sourced from your own backyard!

Stock up on real mums and pumpkins. Potted mums and pumpkins are staples of fall. They are inexpensive and come in different sizes. Buy mums and pumpkins in different sizes and colours. Use these indoors and display them together in bunches. Place some around a mantle, stagger them on the bottom 3-4 steps on your staircase.

Collect or buy a small bag of firewood and place in crates, galvanized buckets, baskets topped off with small gourds snuggled within. You can even wrap the logs with white fairy lights to create a glowing effect.

Use real fruits and veggies.

Use bright red apples in baskets laying in between twigs with heads of kale and herbs peaking through. Artichokes, lemons, oranges and even yellow and purple zucchinis are beautiful to incorporate. Be creative! Even romaine leaves can be used in between floral arrangements or on platters!

Use your own backyard or local park as your shopping grounds using nature’s gifts as décor.

Grab the kids, a large basket and collect items such as acorns, twigs, wheat stocks, leaves, pine cones. Put twigs in vases, place acorns and pine cones on place settings or in clear votive.

Use dried florals from your garden or florist.

Hydrangeas are great for drying or eucalyptus. Snuggle them in between pumpkins or other décor you have on either your mantle or table. Make a wreath using wheat stocks forming them into a circular shape. You can make 2 and have one for indoors.

Use expired grains

A great way to use up those expired beans, rice, lentils, and other dried goods in your pantry is to use them in votives for candles. Dried corn kernels look beautiful as well!

Use indoor staircases and landings as a stage for staggered pumpkins, candles, mums, lanterns, hay bales.

Stage your fireplace

Decorate around your fireplace with hay bales, large pumpkins, mums, also adding baskets with blankets and throws to create a warm cozy nook. Incorporate lanterns and fairy lights.

Enjoy the effortless beauty fall has to offer and have fun with these fall decorating tips and ideas!

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