Bed Time Routines For Back To School

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Written By: Sara Fabello

Back to school can be an extremely challenging time for our children, especially if they were lucky enough to have been home during the summer months. Our children face separation during the day while at school and again while sleeping at night. It is completely normal to see them wanting more proximity especially in the evenings when their minds quiet and their thoughts start racing. In my personal experience, my school age child has also frequently experienced stomach pains in the evening which research has proven to be anxiety presenting itself. Understanding that this transition is very difficult ahead of time, will help you go into those moments with more patience and acceptance.

If at bedtime your little ones want some extra help sleeping that they normally do not require, offer it. Again they are faced with such long periods away from you, allowing them to drift off in your arms when they need that, is you giving them the proximity that they are needing. These times don’t usually last too long and knowing that you are their safe space is a beautiful thing.

Strategies to help your little ones during this transition should include making a special time for them once they are home from school. If you have multiple children having a partner step into mind the other children is very important. We all have incredibly busy schedules so just for even 15 minutes, set down the phone, set time aside and BE with your child. Some days it might include extra snuggles, hugs and conversations, while other days it could be playing a board game or getting outside for a walk.

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