A Gift Guide For All The Teachers

Written By: Ania Krezalek

“She’s making a list and checking it twice!”

It’s that time of year again! Does gift giving and shopping for teachers stress you out? Do you think the teacher really wants another coffee cup? We have some fun and budget friendly ideas for you this year that aren’t the usual gift card or ornament.

1. Wrapping paper

I know this seems odd, but actually during a poll done on one of the local Facebook mommy groups, when asked what teachers wanted to get, a lot actually responded with wrapping paper! I thought this was weird at first myself but then I thought about it and thought ‘how clever’. You can find wrapping paper kits that include ribbons, name tags etc. You can even go the extra mile & include a pack of scotch tape. This gift can be used in the classroom or at home. It’s practical, in season and inexpensive.

2. Gift basket of class supplies

So, at the beginning of the school year my kids brought home lists from their teachers of supplies that they are always in need of. I saved this list because I knew I wanted to make a gift basket for Christmas using this class donation list as inspiration. Most items were purchased at the local dollar store. I bought a basket to place these items in. Each basket had a $20-$25 limit to it. Things I bought were straws, zip lock bags, Kleenex, bubbles, stickers, craft supplies, command hooks, etc. Throw everything together and wrap with clear cello and viola!

3. Lunch Bag

This is one of my favorite ideas because it’s something I would love to get if I were a teacher and the uniqueness level of this gift is on the high end. This should cost between $10-$20 and you can find really nice lunch bags at WalMart or Homesense. Most teachers pack their own lunches and you can assure they will really appreciate this gift. You can even throw in a box of healthy (peanut free) protein bars inside for an extra touch.

4. Mittens or Gloves

Who doesn’t love a pair of mitts? Think of how many hours teachers spend outside watching our little ones play, and having mitts on hand (no pun intended!) for a teacher is a must. I recently saw mitts with rhinestones on them at Homesense for under $15 or you can grab a waterproof pair of snow gloves at Costco for under $20

5. Lanyard or Keychains

This idea came to me recently as I was at Staples doing some shopping when I passed an aisle of sparkly lanyards. It made me wish I had a career where I needed a lanyard. There are so many colors and price ranges to choose from. Give a teacher their own signature style with this gift which will be used daily. Another great idea is a funky key chain to hold all those keys! Both lanyards and keychains can be found at Staples or Michaels.

**Are you a teacher? Let us know what your favorite gift was from a student! Happy Holiday Gift Shopping!

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