5 Super Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Toddler

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Written By: Nicole Stone

If there is any age that should be into Valentine's Day, it's toddlers. Slobbery kisses, giant hugs, and lots of 'I love yous' (along with all the emotional swings love brings us). Whether your little one is at home with you, or at daycare, it's nice to have an excuse to show them a bit of extra love during the time you get to spend together. As Valentine's Day is approaching fast, here are 5 of the simplest ways you can celebrate with your littlest Valentines: Warm and Fuzzies - you need post-it notes + a pen or pencil .Set out a pad of post-it notes somewhere in your main living space. In the week leading up to Valentine's Day, make a point to say out loud when you notice something you love about your child (or partner, or neighbour, or family pet!) Jot it down on the post-it and stick it up to the wall.Your little one will glow from the extra boost of love, and your own gratitude muscles will get a much needed stretch. Before you know it, they'll be asking to add their own love notes. "I love my Mommy because..."

Breakfast by Candlelightyou need breakfast food + a candle. Mornings can be a bit hectic at this age, so make a point to plan on a slower start for Valentine's Day. Don't stress about whipping up heart shaped pancakes (although if that's your thing, go for it!) and instead make the typical breakfast special by lighting a candle or two and turning off your other lights. The sun will slowly make its appearance as you eat and your little one will be enthralled by the simple magic a candle brings.

Read Lovely Booksyou need a library card. Reading books about holidays and events always helps children to gain a better understanding of them. If you don't have any Valentine's themed books in your home collection (who does?) make a quick trip to your local library. If your library has an app, you can always look up a few books and place a hold so they're ready for you when you arrive. If you don't have the app, keep in mind that the librarians have worked hard to pull themed books out and display them for easy access just before the holiday!

Making "Found" Heartsyou need an outdoor space + loose parts from nature. Toddlers aren't quite at the stage to sit at a table and draw hearts by any means. But you can still talk shapes while they're on the move! Head outside with a basket and collect up any little sticks, rocks, pine needles that you can find. Sit down on the cold grass (or snow) and start creating. Make sure to name the different shapes as you go. If there's enough snow on the ground, you can create shapes together with your footprints for even more fun on the move.5. 

Slow Down + Connectyou need nothing but a reminder! Remind yourself on Valentine's Day, that even though this little bundle of energy can test all your limits, you love them unconditionally. Whatever your family unit looks like, make sure to slow down on this special day and take stock of what they mean to you. Forget the dishes, laundry, to-do lists, and anything else that won't matter if it gets pushed to tomorrow. Pop down on the floor and get involved in their play, read extra books before bedtime, have a dance party with your partner in the kitchen while they cheer you on... make connection your priority this year.

So if you've seen some amazing looking Valentine's crafts or activities out there, but you're feeling guilty because you won't have time to gather the materials, or you're not into making a big mess, or you know for a fact that your toddler won't sit still long enough to do them - just remember, connection first. To feel special and important. That's all these little loves really want. Happy Valentine's Day Mommas!

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