4 Safety Tips For A Spooky Night

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Written By: Monique Larocque

Jack-o-lanterns are lined up on porches, the distant sounds of spooky music and creatures fill the air, and a little monster is standing in front of you!! Oops….that’s just your little one begging for a treat!!

Halloween is around the corner and most of us are planning our costumes, decorating our houses and planning for the big day! With all this going on it’s easy to forget the basics! So, here are the top 4 safety rules you should remember!!

Costume check: Is the bottom of you child’s costume dragging on the ground? If so, eliminate any tripping hazards. Also, if your child insists on wearing a mask, ensure it is breathable and there are no visibility barriers (have them practice walking around the house in it). If your child’s costume is a darker colour, a great way to make them more visible to others is by adding reflective tape to their costume.

Trick or treat: Be sure to accompany young children to strangers’ doors, encouraging manners and making sure they are getting up and down porches safely. Even if your little ones are excited and want to run ahead, stay close by and always have your eye on them.

Stick to what you know: Stay in a neighbourhood you are familiar with. This will make you feel safer about the treats your child is collecting. A great way to stay safe in your neighbourhood is to start on one side of the street first and then on the other; avoid going back and forth, so you aren’t continuously crossing the street.

Time to Inspect: Pour out your child’s collection and inspect every piece of candy or packaged good to ensure they have not been tampered with. Anything that looks questionable should go right into the garbage!

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!

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