10 Style Tips For the Busy, Yet Style Savvy, Mom

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Written By: Danielle Chapman

Whether you are a working mom, a stay at home mom, a mom of one or four or any mom in between, the truth is that you’re a busy one. You wonder how you can save time in your day, accomplish all that you need to and essentially pull off some type of personal style (the mom bun look can only suffice for so many days in a row). If you’re like me, you love those tips and tricks to save time and energy while making “getting ready” as simplistic as possible and looking like the superfox woman you know you are. Well, superfox moms, it is possible and I am going to share with you 10 completely doable ways to make the most of the time you have in the morning. As well as share with you how you can transition your look from day to night, while having all your fellow mom friends (and probably even some non-mom friends) asking how you effortlessly keep it all together and radiate your fabulous look.

Dry Shampoo

Ladies, we all know this. This is an absolute staple in your routine. We don’t have time to wash and style our hair everyday, nor should we be. This is the perfect 5-second spray-on each morning to give a little life back to your hair, freshen up with a nice scent and get through the day. Opt for a brand who can offer volume, its always nice to have a little body in your mane. I also prefer to stick with the non-white residue options.


Even the most simplistic of outfits, paired with a great earring set, necklace, bracelets or rings can go from dull to exciting and most definitely scream effort. My favourite way to accessorize is with a great pair of earrings, statement pieces that really draw attention in and a loud bracelet. Try pops of colour that fit with the season and don’t be afraid to even add a few different pieces together. This will save time rummaging through a closet or a drawer when you can just add jewelry to spice up your look.

Staple Pieces

This concept isn’t strictly for the busy mom but rather a fashion truth that every style savvy woman knows. Not only will investing in staple pieces save money, but will open your closet doors to endless mix and match possibilities throughout the week. Staple items include: wide leg high waisted black (or grey) pants, a white t-shirt, a great pair of mid-wash denim jeans, a black blazer, a black pencil skirt, a white blouse and of course the little black dress. Now you have options using the same pieces and trust me, when you throw on those fun accessories, it feels like a whole new look each time.

Braid Your Hair

Thank the hair gods this style came back around! Braids are your best friends now that you’re a busy mom. They don’t take too long, they are trendy and work great with your dry shampoo. I prefer to opt for one braid pulled to the side. With all the barrettes, clips and hair accessories coming back around as well, you can add a nice piece at the bottom to finish it off. Try and pull it apart a little bit for a messier look. It can add an element of natural beauty and definitely seem effortless.

This works great with longer hair but if you have shorter hair, don’t worry, the braid still works for you. Try a French braid to the side or even down the middle, add trendy clips in and voila you’ve pulled off an easy yet classic look!

Added tip for the braid: If you want to do this at night, take it out in the morning and you’ve got a really nice wave to work with! No heat needed.

Lash Extensions

I know that this has become the newest beauty trend in the younger ages but why can’t us moms do it too? Imagine not having to worry about your mascara every morning! You can literally get up, with perfect lashes and just go? They’re curled, they’re long and they’ve created the perfect time saver for your make up routine. You’ll need to maintain them and make sure you book your fills, but 7-10 days is a pretty typical time frame and I guarantee once you start and realize how much less of a burden a full make up routine is, you’ll keep going back! Plus, who doesn’t want to be the mom in swimming lessons with perfect lashes?

Your Day-to-Night Lipstick

When you’re leaving the house in the morning, it could be the last time you have access to your make up until 8pm that night- busy moms are running from one activity to the next and trust me I get that. To keep your look fresh in the day, you may opt for a light pink or a nude lip shade but wondering how to transform for that business dinner or even a girls night? Carry your darker shades with you- a nice shade of red or even a darker nude will take you from your day look right to your next evening function!

On-The-Go Deodorant

This one rings true especially in the summer months. You’re running around at work, school and even getting all those errands done. Pop on one of those small travel size deodorants to freshen up a bit and you will definitely be feeling just a little more vibrant and less worried about your initial application in the morning. Let's be real, maybe you even forgot to throw some on initially, we’ve all done it so don’t panic, this wont take up much space in your bag.

Routine Switch Up

One of the best things I learned to do as a busy working mom was to change my shower routine to nighttime. This is a huge time saver in the morning so you really are only focused on the brushing of teeth and your make up. You have a full schedule from the minute you open your eyes and now instead of worrying about how to fit in a 10 minute shower (at least) you can leave more time for packing lunches, getting breakfast ready and getting the rest of your household out the door. If you are worried about the shower help to “wake up” try having a citrus scent around in the morning, it is invigorating and will help to wake the senses.

Slip On Shoes

These are super trendy right now and will be especially helpful in the warmer months (you should get 3 solid seasons of slip on shoes). You can avoid the lacing, zipping and even buckling with a great pair of slides. Look for a few options, some with embellishments, a pretty buckle and even different colours. Now when you’re focused on helping a young child learn to tie shoes, you aren’t doubling time getting yours on as well!

The Carry-All Bag (or Backpack)

I mentioned above a few items you might want to have with you all the time; deodorant and lipstick to name a couple. Maybe even your dry shampoo or a hair accessory. Backpacks have been quite trendy for some time now and I see a lot of moms opting for this opposed to a large bag. I think the decision is up to you in terms of style preference but having a solid option of at least one is a must! This proves to be especially true if you’re still carrying around diapers and wipes. I like to shop for a sleek solid colour with compartments inside so I can easily organize where everything goes. They don’t have to look like diaper bags or even massive tote bags if that isn’t your taste. Many retailers carry multiple options in a range of price points and if you’re feeling extra adventurous, spend the money and invest in a good one- it will last you forever and a great bag never really goes out of style.

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