The idea for a magazine for moms has been rolling around in my mind for several years but there never seemed like the right time to move forward with it. But the truth is, is there ever really a right time? We all wait for that perfect moment to get married, have a baby or start a new project but that perfect moment isn’t always easy to find. Life has this funny way of throwing curve balls at you just when you think you are finding that perfect moment. So, I say, just throw caution to the wind! Move forward with that new project, welcome a new baby or put a ring on it, there isn’t always a ‘perfect moment’ but all of these moments make life perfect.  


The hard work of many moms went into creating this magazine and I am forever grateful for all of their patience and support as we roll out this publication. This magazine is a space for moms at every stage to find another mom they can relate to. With Flourish we are offering real-life experiences and stories from real moms. All of the pieces are written by a mom who has lived through it or is currently living through it. Because let’s face it, Motherhood is hard but it is also rewarding and magical and we should have a space to celebrate both the ups and downs we face every day as moms. 


I am incredibly proud to share Flourish with every mom out there. I hope that you can find a little humour, insight or inspiration as you read through the pages. I look forward to hearing from you as we continue through this amazing adventure of Motherhood together.


Erin montgomery  

Editor in Chief
Flourish Magazine is a publication written for moms by moms. We feature real stories & experiences from the everyday mom. No expert advice here!
Editor in Chief

Erin is a single mom to three kids. She is a full time Digital Marketing Specialist and freelance writer. She is a lover for all desserts and drinks coffee like it's water. Erin is a Journalism graduate and a certified Image Consultant, aside from her work life she loves to travel and even lived in Australia for a period of time.

Creative Director

First and foremost, I am a mama to three boys who are my world. I love stationery, fonts and strong coffee.

I started Sunday Reverie Studio.

in 2011 and am so excited to partner with Erin as the creative director and designer of Flourish magazine.

What people are Saying

Words From Our Readers.

We like to keep it real- Here are some real words, from our real readers from all walks of life, different stages and ages. 

"Flourish magazine is the first of it’s kind. My go to for advice from real women on real topics. I love that this magazine is full of content and not a bunch of in your face ads from big companies. I always look forward to reading what comes out of Flourish because it recharges my batteries with fresh ideas and outlooks. I think every woman will appreciate this magazine regardless of age or stage of life."